Dale O’Hara, award-winning author of Acres of Glass, is available for speaking engagements on the topic of the story of the Dale Estate, once the 3rd largest greenhouse operation in the world. Renowned for their prestigious award winning flowers, in particular their highly prized roses and orchids, the Dale Estate was a Canadian floral giant that dominated the world stage for over 100 years from the late eighteen hundreds to the middle of the last century.

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Ms. O’Hara gives an engaging presentation using over 70 archival images, detailing the highlights of the Dale story, and the reasons for their phenomenal success. Filled with humorous and often tragic details from her book, this 45 minute presentation has been well received by many horticulture, historical and various senior groups. Her speaking style is highly engaging and entertaining and is complimented by her willingness to share her extensive knowledge of this fascinating piece of Canada’s past.

For availability, please contact her at  905-838-3486  or at